"You finish something, everybody loves it right around the time it feels that someone else did it." - a TV show

Through open nights
Clinical doors compose
Supposed conventions
Ruling spots deriving
Close tangles suspended
Nightly rearrangements

Hungering for wanton
Pondering’s that hunger
Aristocratic socializing
With fashionable actors
Reliving faded collages
In worn clothes from college

Intriguing everyday
Occurrences simplified
In retrospective tales
Forgotten tension

Romanticized pessimists
Left on the chronicled lamb
Curry sets the scenic smells
Unrecorded scenes horded

Incomplete sensualities
Stranded depleting the norm
In tandem chronic crises adorn
Leaving a communal memory


Early morning contagions
Sleeps the never-ending 
Goals kindling supreme
Somnolence crushing
Then raving lost surprises

Degrading a hunter dropping
Out of a journeyman’s deal
To stop killing for what he ate
Taking one unpleasant parts
Of being a human anyways.

Step-by-step guides remodeled
How to redefine oneself
In imagined danger’s face
Choosing to be a stranger
Erasing comforts’ confined traces.

Extending exultation
Sanity encircled chosen
Belongings bought out
Of continuity in troves

Driving dream demons’
Attachments procuring
Necessary reenactments
For mentality to thrive on

A still born 
Automobile left 
The crime scene 
Blocking both ways 

Of whole road 
Nor expected 
By the owner

Peculiar drooling sought
Montezuma’s gold
As illustrations surmise
Timeless contracts

Arranging the essential
Essence of tragedy’s troll
Seeking hints to justify
Loose sand held by hands

I held the town up
For the pleasure
To negotiate terms

Taught in lessons
Deemed deserving
Before appetizers

Began to be served
'Cause i wanted
Dessert all along


The unity and sanctuary 
One seeks displaced ideals 
Associating notions to keep
Dry appearances from selling 
Out chemical free hand lotion. 

Corrupt contemplation marked 
Unease from whimsical whistles 
Catered to please while sneezing
Towards a revitalized audience 
Fit for musical revival shows

Remote remorse regarding
Perceived an outsider’s errors
Caught on once outspoken
Narrators caught onto terror

Framing derivative games
Sown up restless reborn
Thinking promotions simmering
Cancelled shows made for critics

Tearing apart formalities
Formerly soundproofed
As the artist retired until pension
Age got raised by low ratings


The unseen prop-artist
Wore out a water pistol
Filled with sitting liquid
On the edges of town

Hunched over sinking
In a wooden chair
Spanned flannel
Posing as upholstery

Huddled over cold
The broken AC
Could do no more
To confuse him

Waiting for relief
While scratched walls
Of worn out wood
Resembled heat

No longer seen
As present remedies
Although vents sneezed
The past lost it’s dreams

Inheriting flame retardant
Broken idealism carved
Hearts with arrows shot
Stinging his decaying core

Summer comes
With a cool breeze
Lacking expectations

Burnt ceaseless
Voyeurs you pretend
To ignore careless intrigue


Criminally arousing the bruiser 
Continued suggestive sayings
Found in autobiographies
Written for an outdated audience

Commenting proliferating 
Borderline naysaying incomplete  
Portraits of cult figures hanging
In spades on bar room walls

Watering down mixed drinks
Riddled in brewing Kool-Aid  
Mistook for blood from a species
Believed to have once been extinct.

Skydivers race invisible traces
Along blue and white lines
Ubiquitous space emulates
Constant chance congregates

Soul heathens with reason
Shoulders touching disguise
Stands on line as cultured ruins
Dissolve over timed viewings

A realtor promotes motives
Such a rise in suspicion
Fully aware of time’s condition
Turning tides against them

While free falling antics
Push through semantics
Volatile incursions occurred
Without a word to follow


A mindful globetrotter
Hopped from space
To slippery mistakes
Of bittersweet wonder

Staring at moving images
On a painted canvas
Depicting broad stroked
Still lives confiding a secret
Smell nurturing to realize

Your own well of surprises

Shaking up shaved dreaming
While making up for being
Another inbetweener caught
Behind found labels again.

Categorized as obscene
In televised plays relaying
Commentary amongst
Formless forums

Getting drunk off ale disguised
As words while preparing salt
Licked to be stuck before
Another shot of the hard stuff

Taken again to be deemed
While sucking on a lime
For free twists of pain
Preparing for the next round