"Black care rarely sits behind a rider whose pace is fast enough." -- TR
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Thoughts untold conventions
Hold up reinventing steam
With coal pollutants coercive
Cringes manipulative boredom

As heights of might recoil
From memories once forgotten
Invade your soul possessing
Transparent holds of regression

Invite the mirror for clear opinions
Steered in pointing singular tropes
Hoping to exorcise remote fears
Crystalized so it won’t need control

Constantly found temporary
The mentor who bore such dread
Out of the unexpected sinking
To the next sail boat made of lead

Confusion casts the master
Of the ship transfixed upon her
Only to sink after a day old trip
Expectations lacking saved a tip

Continuous rituals of aging
Apprehensive towards engagement
That the superfluously flawed got caught
In a hook and reeled to die again

Expectation’s sin flourished pain
Sewn and reopen with poking
Via curious fingers that was pointless
At first but seemed worthwhile to begin


Heady dread covers my constitution
Going through anonymous stages
Of prostitution ironic in half-truths
To bored selves of inherited wealth
Often vetted with shame in vain

Self-conscious resemblance
That’s too pained to see
Another week go passing
By mixed up in-betweens
Comfort’s state of increased status
Made contagious in waking crates
Hammered in the rusted nails
The mystery box covered in cobwebs
Remained in stock and on sale


Crisis creators procreated
Unfathomable unmentionables
Well polished and pushed in
Going against the original idea
The designer had planned for
Synchronicity staged it’s connections

Power outlets ran spinning
Upon running hamsters on a wheel
Promised good meals for both parties

Despite growing weak by weeks
Consumption was repugnant in frail chic
As living fast to die young gave up speed

Youth less thinking
Glamorized coerced
Answers socialized
Simplicity’s talent
Implied intuition

Spot on while sold out
Mannerisms broke rules
Treaded by fools
Compassionate winnings
Tricking first arrivals

With afternoon bets
Imbedded threats
Succulent in trenches
Where one is hired
To keep their mask on


Somber skepticism got the best
Of know nothing sincerity 
Blaring from speaker phones
Shredding shady culture’s
Disbursement from vultures

Restraining refreshments
Gasping for airtight conciliation
Not to be mistaken for repetition
Aloof in online spoofs too few
In viewers to give enough a hoot

Rough riding chemically enhanced
Chances fluctuated the messenger 
Avoiding respect typical of inspecting
Established orders further stuck influx
That’s never enough to hide behind

Supposed competition went missing
On a day at the races incomplete
Statisticians brought extra pencils
As expectations broke anyway

Truth composite got sold for cheap
As manufacturers figured out a way
To blow out competitive sheep
Or so they preferred to refer to them

Catching up with a stranger’s strangling
Aimless conversation spoken to maim
Taken spaces in place of the criminal
Fantasies told but expected to hold you back

From joining the ranks of company men
To beginning to make sense of yourself
Along sound surrounding unprocessed
Senses drawn out to spur on insanity

Exact proactive schemes
Treated as conspiracy
By the book covers
To up book cases

Untouched in catalogue
Presentations enshrined
Contrasting lost tribes
Originality brutish in finality

Nostalgic glimpses critique
Future mentions abhorrant
Dreams bemoaned in talk
Detailed enough to be boring

Hoards with variant versions
Of Science Fiction book covers
Sped up in vintage motions
Spanning format’s across an ocean

Marketed convenience redeeming
Personalized chatchkis sold cheap
Reminding the old timer
Of how bad things once were

Too precise for additive addictions
A soft-spoken righteous man
Thought out contradictions

Stole whole reunions confusing
Tacit engagements sprung rage
Out of conditioning malpractice

Politicians situated upon the paws
From a law officer recounting
The mountain he climbed last night

With two years hanging in a bar
To conquer desperate challenges
Fixed with a lemon twist night cap

A narrow imagination
Crossed the Narrows’ bridge
With blind circumstance
Bewildered with wonder
Topped in crass reactions
Shot and with a silver cross
In place of bullets shot
By those donning mullets
Predicting the next fashionable trend

Anxiety runs through physicality
Stuck in motion in modern potions
Repeated and increased
With no end in seeking
Credibility’s foolishness
Swallowing commotion
Of belated inbetweeners
Always seeking to be leaner
In habits, physique and justifications
For completeness projected
Spanning stick figure shapes
Made with twigs


Crash the eyelashes flickering
Like a flame shooing away
A moth of shame in hiding
From that private closet
Of your parents old coats
From when they had you
Along with your brothers
By the boatload

Instructed to obscure
Short cure alls to life’s blur
Frustrating old cement to cracks
Climbing up the walls
Dissolving to haunt reminders
Kept in dust-ridden photo binders
With scrawls of ink signed
As memories are left unresolved


Brined twine swallowed
Meant to be chewed on
For the expensive kind of folk

With pretentious mindsets
Lax in regret of forgetful habits
Conditioned for deep thinking

When unspoken tragedies struck
When recent splinters of the past
Began the grand act choking of him


Sound in spins all around 
The eye lines of fine shyness 
Colliding with crafted cues 
Reminding us of better times 
Filtered through a lens cover 
Complementing momentary senses  
Where obscenities takes form
In acts of decency 

Hovering over distorted dreams 
From a romanticized past 
Flexed out through contortions 
As the good witch of fitness 
Practices visions of fortunes 
Perfected in summed up habits 
With the allure of hyperbolic potions 
Held still as the emotions stand firm.


Soured juices seeps through 
Sore pores subliminal minds
Throbbing throes a heart

Dripping refined aversion
Towards a reminder
Refined obscene coercions

Entrapped dreams deemed
Useless extractions for labs
Sparking chemical reactions

With unrealistic expectations 
Drawn to the successful losers 
Modeling myself to be 
Like so many others 
Out there just like me. 
I’ve been in rooms full of ‘em 

I couldn’t stand it 
Not one bit. 

Much too sensitive 
For my overburdened self 
To draw from people 
So much like me 
Was too overwhelming 
To bear in shared spaces

That I just had to leave. 

Constantly on a search 
For those different enough 
With whom I could draw from
Traces over that brittle sheet 
Of paper figures full of holes
Poked in that every now and then 
The pen gets caught in one of them. 

Ripping the hole ever so slightly
Where that gaping void of sign posts 
Personally signed as the wrong direction 
That’s headed towards the ward

Which is such a scary place 
To be when there is no up 
Leaving me with no other choice
Than to engage the echoing voices
Sourced and bound underground