"You finish something, everybody loves it right around the time it feels that someone else did it." - a TV show

Probability in hostility’s leisure
Caring as cultured ordinance
Seethed supplies’ moving
Slow hauling conceit’s wave.

The monsoon of exuberance
Took pride in consumed particulars
Responding exact amounts
In solemn predicaments

Song-schooled toiled roots
Of the movement’s responsibility
Grabbed as toast morose
Corroded gaps in reasoning

Seasoning to numb senses
Overwhelmed by the offensive
Decrying a disease permanent
As far as the ocean can see

Arguing tropes with hopes
Spun solemn marks spoken
With a mess of messages
To continuously poke holes in.


The minutes clamber
To stammering advantage
Looks towards reticence
Articulated avoiding abuse
Chattering messages askew

In coded mantras flaunted
Above sidewalks providing
Sun dial shading placed
Cooperative engineering
Convinced pacing slowed

Down while holding up
Forced street traffic
Absorption of another
Anomaly continuity stews
Over another day’s yawning

Confusion cracked the folly
Prophecy volleying up traps
Invisible with illusive trances
Regarded as flying in thin air

Ambushed during self-repair
As separation anxieties mock
Control forbidden to kid
Around superlative fox hole

Points for reaction sun sped
Motions interlocked supremacy
Roiling to toil about condemnation
From otherwise bemused offerings

Candid with a can opener holding
A cigarette with frustrated teeth
Churning white stocks of cotton
Stained by casual tokes of a breath

Soiled for life from habitual distress
Dangling forms of slight angles
Removed the politician inside
Meticulous regulating watered down

Passion dripping on the outside
That the arid air no one seemed care
About faced while maintenance fees
For faucet cleaning lacked confidence


Pervading perversions
A youth refracted bitter
Joy taken away to leave
One wondering about
Scattered bouts devoted

Christenings to loosen
Up the sky down a hallway
Pressuring elongated schisms
Of madness purified personal
Warnings distilled headaches

Cursing a drifter of sorts
With each local coffee house
Ignoring spouts off a steamer
Hissing gurgling sounds
To resist being struck

Out of body experiences
Included complementary
With the room they stayed
In spite of phosphorescent
Peasants begging under

Gated windows as poignant
Possessions of ignoring
Humanity’s trigger happy
Righteousness illusions
Speaking endless uncertainty

Mired down steel wires
Par for the course
Chided the polo shirt
With skin in between
His hollow bones

Manufactured green
Spaces laid out
On clear sunny days
Suppressing blurry eyed
Emphasis handing out
Impressions to bag boys


Dew drops rumbling
As archaic drumming
Instilled soiled sheets
As the mess hall stayed
Broken and mumbling
Incomplete stumbling
Climbs up the ladder
Filtered stoic choices
With bold time to move on

Walking the tightrope
Steady on the curb’s edge
Avoiding sidewalk strollers
Slow motion talkers
Roaming the streets

Isolated loners wired
Hanging off ear drums
Frantic while standing
Waiting for the lit signage
To switch into resign

Allowing movement amidst
Dissolving oppressive stone
Carved hearts managed
Opposing scriptures enlisting
Hopes balancing the iron armies


The excuses of illiterate grievances
Was unable to match the father
Figure he pretended himself to be

A mythic persona of psychology
Whose breath smelled of mint’s
Tiresome rewards promised

For an exchange of glimpses
Satisfying conditioned contradictions
Between science and feeling

Euphoria was a timeless rest stop
Installing clocks forgetting states
Checked by the hour on his own

Merits and habitual efforts proved
To be a trap instilling overwhelmed
Sensations of panic soon to subside

Once the movement space and time
Returned unhinged constants
Gaining acceleration with familiarity

From panic never to be watered down
Overwhelming exhilaration spurring
Rare bursts of maniacal laughter

Protecting him from what he lost
Then found and soon forgotten
After the first chance of leaving

Sun stroke dune stoking
Doom in spite of mourning
Revivals of after parties
Reserved Sunday morning
Lit rooms crying apathy
Related illnesses
Sticking around too soon

Scattered remnants observed
Primal condemnation sprawling
Arms across upholstered
Antique musing quitting
Prerequisite reasoning
Not thought of yet done
Habitually every instant


Inflight tension
Heightens paranoia

As a curious girl
With her toes
On the world

Casually stares
Where she listens
Without a care

His suit matched the soil
A street rendered delicate
Match insect’s insults
Scattered hanging smells
Repulsive meant causing

Numbed relief banging
Thumbs with a nail hammer
Walled off banging presence
Suggesting entry roaming
Room filled mantras taken

Reserved lonesome notice
Fantasize amidst vague smirks
Of lazy dreams requesting
Dried up drinks breathing
Intoxicant’s slaving over wages

Assisting conditional relief
Dissected conscientious
Collectors for dirty work hoping
For one last modicum of guilt
Rejected from consciousness

Static glee rose above knees
Keeping wretched forms
Of comfortable sleep.

Reaping signs from a glance
To see what’s up one’s sleeve
While reaching to find out

What was never known to be
Hidden while maintaining a grin
Pretending to know what it means


Friendly colors
Stemming off
Company hazard
Signs composed
Formal strategies
Rubbing to get
The stench off
Broken lands
Broken airwaves
Sneezing brief
Moments of static
Components stricken
With interwoven
Commitments’ constant
Ebbs and flowing
Circulating around
Strict pageantry
Roaming to conform
Tribal campfires
Stunning smoke
Breathed loosened
Captivity broken

FORTUNE’S MINSTREL - a short Directed/Edited by Charlie Weeks

Rose ambiguous celluloid
Tangential discretion
Discrete lining toes
Stretching under sand
On the beach recess
Obsessions bounce light
Off sunspots’ digress