"You finish something, everybody loves it right around the time it feels that someone else did it." - a TV show

Rogue squandering idols
Too bold for goodness
Applicable to satirize
Ratified reactors inactive

Clung adhesive results
Taped broken piggy banks
Into cohesive strangling
That sensed danger

With a nice glass of banal
You know what you want
Formalities mixed together
For deserting the bunch

Cheap neon sweats

Passionless hours
Regret soundalike 
Functionaries dictated
With repugnant waste
In atmosphere’s wind
Beginning chronic spinning 
A moment’s reconciliation 
Reviving depraved insincerity
Revealing what’s under sheets
He doesn’t  have what I need!
He doesn’t have what I want!
Four worded letters
Repeated Concealments’ diatribe 
Tiny with whiny components
Resigned fruitless multipliers
Shrug from smug attitudes
Suggestion remains the same
Wasting of coins to regain
Tedium’s sense of awareness
In vintage arcade games 
Worshipped by broken joysticks

Losing count of canker sores
Amount to a bored crowd
Interacting with the interviewed
Side born out of rewatching
Old scholars on YouTube

You saw in yourself in lieu
Of the fact that online video
Wasn’t something the imaginary
Model could consume before
During and after lunch time

In our nation’s finest hour
I was down in the dumps


Our nation’s falling under
Where do I find myself standing?


Unsatisfied actions performed
Unconsciously fooled in a new age
Dawning to simple repetition
Of lonely mannerisms developed
Out of shameless instinct.

Rank radio contractor got sucked
Up in imagination’s bad business
Practices illuminating rationalized
Ends of unspoken promises renowned
For rebounds of trained delusions.

Destiny’s grinding stick tied a noose
Held up to frame a mindful crime
Picked out of necessity’s predisposed
Precedence thwarting inner dangers
Too illusive to cave in shaken insides

Cooler than sun stroked
Stars lining appearances
In the arctic skies

Reaching ideas at the top
Of the world isn’t exactly
What it seemed to be

Sold out with a soldier’s stare
Caught head on unlike a dear
In the headlights crashing
Down from the out of date theater
Of life acted inefficient lines
Not created by a playwright

From antagonism’s spite
A twitching occurs with words
Teeth could delay in understanding
Hidden behind enameled curves
Retreating for illusory relief
From the life of one man’s story


Pronounced like a stranger
Visions in obscure angles
Not taught in straight a schools

Subject to connectivity
 A rival’s glance harkened
Expansive nonsense

To ruminate proclivity
Wandering with thoughts’
Incomplete tendencies

Drifting away to the ditch
Of promised riches tricked
By deceit’s apparent mist

Set to arrive in discomfort’s
Seat where experiences unique
Yielding relief dreamed priceless

Paradoxical aversions
Put off conversation
From privileged look-a-likes
Reciting written attempts
On undiscovered projects
Inevitably a day under way

Adding new hues of red
Between cherry blossom trees
Caught on traffic stop signs
Readable for reasonable
Obscenities inbred reactions

Bold with a hold on doldrums
Insignificant buy outs sold
Thrown up knockings upon
Crumbling egos strewn
Alien thoughts threatening

Frightened eye processors held
Up by unpredictable lies suggesting
Convictions of quiet presence
As anti-riotous reactions sampled
The best of reasonable seasons

Enabling proactive answers
Unsettled ignorant dreams
Fixed around bad hair days
On street cornered dares
Diverting stares as the sun sets


Unknown personas linger
Waiting along New York
Street corners unaware

Of the flesh surroundings
As a machine dodger
Is what I dream myself to be.

From fast-paced midtown
Streets to the underground
Making rounds on the subway

Turn-styles to enter the object
While seeking metal means
In active ways to seem passive.

To connect with the splendor
Of the constant greys in chaos
My limited senses selectively

Allow me to be as metallic crashes
Seem silent to the masses
Locked in their own story.

Borrowed amongst the five boroughs
Continued in stride while trying
To survive in New York City.

Always a place to be imaginary


Rationalized compassion
Translates to self avoidance

The flat sided perspective
Inspected commotion

A smile formulates outside
From tectonic layers within

Inner shakings of the soul
Sought to be controlled

Explosives down holes
Dropped to the core

As enough gets stuck
In fragmented muck

Raking the flesh failed
Mistakes until it’s too late

Floating through sails
Of fiction transposed as fate


Tired of outgrowing the City
In your closet was noise
Sustaining pictures worn out
In a pained locket overrun
By carriages holding notice
Apparently not pretty.

Approaching landing drops
Down towards the trail
While demands for goods
Withstood hope for more
Than just a glance to relax
On paper directed time.

Keeping to mined corners
The gamblers hold hands
Of hindsight’s leg ready
To reinstate snatching ways
While ensnared by a dare
Old tricks keeps you theirs’.

Too precise for additive addictions
A soft-spoken righteous man
Thought out contradictions

Stole whole reunions confusing
Tacit engagements sprung rage
Out of conditioning malpractice

Politicians situated upon the paws
From a law officer recounting
The mountain he climbed last night

With two years hanging in a bar
To conquer desperate challenges
Fixed with a lemon twist night cap


Holding out for bold sanctuaries
While cheap sunglasses thrown
Off porches as black plastic holds
Together fairing bad weather

Tucked in global corners
Bemoaning colonial sanctions
Looming slow with disdain
Preoccupied motivations

In moving up in ranking
While preoccupied senses
Sustained genuine abilities
Entombing worn pretenses

Odd maintenance
For new regimes
Cost caution tape
Surrounding problematic
Blocks of organized wood

Chopped off difficulty
With dubious imprecision
Broke rules fouled by fools’
Consistency in boasting
Maintenance of new beliefs

As timeless presumptions
Lay gradual expectations aghast
Stimulating senses relevance
In slow holdovers smoldered
Antiquated streets’ of defeat