"You finish something, everybody loves it right around the time it feels that someone else did it." - a TV show

Anxious pranks
Unintended embroiled
A candid has-been

Undeserved mentality
Yet practicing stoic
Standing despondent

With sonic motives
Arrives unintended
Misfortune brought home

Even entanglements
With a dreamer’s scream


Southern mild bylines
Obsessed over allegiance
Misconstrued in commute
Solemn chordal breaches
Beseeching contradictions

Reviled by connoisseurs
Too amused for confusion
Stirring a storm’s final affect
Done in by crony’s distortion
Sporting the latest trends

War destroys a generation of men

Now emboldened
To avoid hell again


Modern day incisions
Cuts ancient sandstone
Tough with a drill

Stubborn dynamite

Must cherish sobriety
For it spent most time
Drunk during the day


Maximum phases
For lucid foundations
Cross sectioned a whole
As different sensations
Go back and forth

Then mix in with a crowd
With salt and vinegar
Staining your mouth
While wiping away
Byproducts of grit

Angled for disdain
Along old blue jeans
Thinking before
Committing the action
That sums up a day

well uh… don’t go
thinking i’m a good
person, or anything,
if that’s what
you were thinking….

why wouldn’t you be?

…i dunno. haven’t
been treated like
one. so why should i
be making any


Sound crayons ripped
Upon recycled papers
Cheap for thinking
Inside the boxed caves
Siamese statuesque
Quests for redemption

Strategizing a means
To avoid straight questions
Illusive amidst 180 answers
That won’t address recorded
Chords sorting out cluttered
Entanglements removing

Pleasure sped absences
Shuttering light detection
Hidden in safety’s darkness
Given away for guarantees
Alluding to protection
Accepted in hesitance

Catch me
If you can


So I’ll believe
In the fame
That was always
Intended to be


Magic Mondays’ sacred nostalgia
Decomposed blowhards turning
Survival rates meant to pass
An old gent using micromanaged

Suitor hovering methodical
Evicting computer gamblers
To make excuses for changing
Social diseases not asked for

Radiance of love tailed nations
Jumped the gun swerving
To gravity’s force too soon

Mired in projectiles towards
A new target dreaming
Of cradled convenience

Pock marked in wrinkled
Hands as the cigarette
Stained arms caressed
A new dawn’s haunting


With tension’s cardigan
He looked like a poet
Weighing chauvinistic
Grunting while hunting

On the run for tattle tails
Cost an amused audience
A varied price dependent
On seating and seasons


Rescinding the private section
Broken up by obtuse words
Catered to not make sense

Yet delicious with a dabble
Of whipped cream on the side
Served with impeccable timing.

Credibility enhanced reclusive
Desires sent out as a viral video
With provocative images

Reinforcing truth’s incessant
Helplessness driving us to the bar
After work as nonsense continues


Crowds hawk the scammer
Resembling the movie star
Whose identity devolved
Into some entity too real
For brief deals in deception
Conceived of on video
Telephone receivers
Once dreamed of
In far off futures

Too clunky for stealing
Another scene caught
On camera phone
For the act gained fame
Where anonymity laid
Contradictory claims
Cheapening the person
As more transpired
To clutter fame’s game

Formalities behind
A lack of action
Relaxed short term
Spasms that my soul
Had abhorred so much.

Sharing indifferent spaces
Distant with no conscious
Need to get carried away
Were cried out by instinct.

Too tired for expressions’
Calamitous potential realities’
Teaser clips were enough
As who could pass up another
Free shot of cheap whiskey?


Trapped tin with side effects
In semi-crowded places
Of a rash scratching
Embodiments of curiosity
Thinking through decisions
Quenching the bald thief
During sung hold ‘em ups

With raspy tones indoctrinating
Inherent mother-like figures
Embalmed while curated
Being fed on sacrificial lamb
Of the localized nature
Wondering how shenanigans
Broke away from trends

To reinstate scant navigation
Operating to on revivalist riots
Sequenced to show how bad
Got madder as the good conned
Heroic indifference at fitness camp
Where the courageous held out
Waiting for the ideal number

Reached to meet scaled back dreams
While lost sailors wander underground
Optimizing instinct’s prolific potential
Brokering traps on tangential waterways
Coerced to coordinating along static havoc
Adjusting constant navigation systems
With stark remarks restarting again

From a disengaged moment’s staging
Another rant of statistical musings
Shortening obtuse measurements
To conjugating natural curse words
Without knowing what conjugal meant
Evaporating stomach knots lost concern
Over spotting hope in fixation’s light