"You finish something, everybody loves it right around the time it feels that someone else did it." - a TV show

Making excuses to pose
As a television expert
The talk of the town
Turned out to be limited
To one subway car
Wrapped up around
Peculiar whispers
Enlisting a twist-off
Bottle of wine pedigree

Sold out by the rampant
Interruptions depleting
Thought processed
Equilibrium’s dominant
From plagiarized words
Bouncing off cardboard
Signage used to sounds
Filled with screeching resign

Calm apprehension
To the street life
Recited in 21st century
Psalms of quick glances

From natural eyes to eyes
Passing sidewalks
To staring at digitized
Realms lost in time

Not considering chances
That subtle signatures
Designed body language
Pronounced while sitting

Outside enjoying a drink
Light and dark shadows
You think with the sun’s
Reflection in your eyes


lost cassette recording

Heights drop oranges
While in climber’s flight
As tall limbs keep calm
Layers brush from falling

Now and again one may
Pronounce it the same way
Branches obscure chances
Of denial from curiosity

Soaked leaves arrive
With the forgotten scene
That pits are simply seeds
Waiting knowledge reborn

Bus dance of chance
Slandering advances
In slender form

Deviating from normal
Continuum as blank faced
Contingencies sit stoic

With internal belligerence
Keep up appearances
Yet ready to take it by storm


Uncommon goals
Mixed tricks on
Elliptical pan outs
After the syrup
Soaked pancakes
Chosen to refocus
On intellectualized
Forms of normalcy

Shunned swinging
Collaborative doubts
Mixed with instructions
Printed on outer boxed
Doubt ripping inside out
Contagious streams
For conscious doubt
Replying to images

Glossed over open
Hand me downs
Drawn out discretion
Decreasing stigmas
In charismatic hiding
Behind oppressive
Rituals always in need
Of signed release forms


Flickering incandescent
Coin deposits of security
For those that wander
The streets alone

With unpredictable spans
Of darkness to satisfy
Chances to disappear
In an orange hued instant


Helium moved reflexes
A sun drawn out multiplied
Dawns relapsing coated fees
With meager ghosts planning
Enough for the populace
Yet minimal command for free
Falls in lieu of incoherent lexicons’

Cramming grammar lessons
Instilled upon incoherent addicts
As snow bound leers from an attic
Shot forth unspoken body language
Felt but not paid for corrugating
Incoherent smiles chewing violet
Unconsciousness rough touched

Rubbing to grinds slow planting
The back-and-forth rhythms
Supposing tension’s inevitability
Breaking through elongated pews
Rotting away sanctimonious worship
As animosity never stopped refining
Concealment’s wardrobe change

Unconscious speaking
Candid contents leftover
Inadvertent explosions
While opening the can
Without excuse nor wonder

Heroes mark the spark
Of proactive respondents
Drowning scattered remarks
As if pronouncing it complete
Would make curses go away


Stoic self-image derived
An outsider unaware
Of a trembling posture

Wearing brittle skin
Matching single layered
Grey paint off the toy

Sometimes forgetting
In spite of a tightening grip
Wrapped around tiny hands

Inquiry’s invalid
Indecisive hustle
Twiddled thumbs
Posing passing
Brown bags
Carrying fountain
Soda and rum

Summing up
Existential crises
Embedded within
A drinking game
Surrounding friends’
Shameless secrets
Hidden in sleeves

Concrete sitting
Indian style
Confused for brick
Trapping a most
Honest situation
Used for wits’ end
Confessions reak

A skunk lost again
Putting on a front
Left hostile undone
Managed thoughtful
Runs at maintaining
Sanity in solid framing
Calamities soak in


cocktail scribblings

disheveled before going out selfie

You’re not gonna do that again
Are ya?

The boy asked
With a toy axe
To grind

He thought
He looked intimidating
The more he spoke

By canned laughter
Stolen in bulk

From highway robbers
too inept to keep
Their goods on hand.

Unsure if his delirium was acted
Out in dreams or performed
Without any sort of realization

The boy was serious.

Rogue squandering idols
Too bold for goodness
Applicable to satirize
Ratified reactors inactive

Clung adhesive results
Taped broken piggy banks
Into cohesive strangling
That sensed danger

With a nice glass of banal
You know what you want
Formalities mixed together
For deserting the bunch